Wall Dampness Solution

Wall Dampness Solution Service is intended to protect the terrace and entire building from all weather conditions. Terrace is exposed to different weather conditions that are sometimes very harsh. Changes in temperature, continuous water encounter during monsoons, and exposure to wind would make the terrace more susceptible to wear and tear.

Metro experts work towards nullifying the effect of harsh weather on the terrace by using the best tools and solutions for long-lasting results.

What is Wall Dampness Solution?

Wall Dampness Solution is the method of treating the terrace with appropriate waterproofing agents, chemicals, and construction solutions to prevent the water accumulated on the terrace to reach other parts of the building. It is carried out by different waterproofing companies in various conventional and unconventional methods.

We at Metro believe in using the conventional method in unconventional way! Hence, we use advanced tools and technology to execute some of the tried and tested processes to get the best results.

Why Need Wall Dampness Solution?

Leakage in terrace would affect many parts of the building apart from the terrace. More water logging in terrace area would mean dripping ceilings, damp walls, fungus on the wet areas, paint peel, and unhygienic living condition.

Many issues related to aesthetics, strength, and hygiene may arise if Wall Dampness Solution is not done in time or it is done using improper methods.

Available Solutions for Wall Dampness Solution

Leaking terraces are not new to the construction industry, and hence many solutions are developed to overcome this problem. Some of these methods are temporary and may be repeated every monsoon, whereas some would offer relief for 3 to 5 years based on the quality of material used for waterproofing. Some of the traditional Wall Dampness Solution methods are explained here –

  • Brick Bat Coba - This is age old method where flat roofs are given a slope with the help of brick bat coba. Grouting and waterproofing compounds are used to fill in the gaps formed while laying brick bat coba. It may alter the floor finish of the terrace.

  • Mud Phuska Treatment - A good quality soil is used along with water to form a layer on terrace flooring. The same is covered with mud plaster to check water from entering the mud phuska layer. This is time consuming method and usually gets weathered away during harsh conditions.

Above methods are time consuming, may alter the surface of the terrace, offer temporary waterproofing, and may get damaged due to scorching sunlight and chilly winters. Construction technology has therefore come up with advanced waterproofing technologies for quicker and more reliable results. Some such methods are –

  • Flexible Membrane Technique – In this technique, a liquid is applied to the terrace surface in different grades depending on the water exposure. It is ideal for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The chemicals used in the liquid must be flexible and vapour permeable in order to withstand different weather conditions and allow the concrete to breathe. It won’t affect the infrastructure of the building.

  • Silicon Based Waterproofing – This technique is mainly popular for vertical surfaces exposed to rain. Silicon is sprayed on the surface to form a film that is weatherproof.

Wall Dampness Solution – The Metro Way!

Above mentioned methods are used by many waterproofing companies based on the individual need, but we at Metro want to have the best of all! Yes, we use the waterproofing method that is reliable, easy to execute, offer long-lasting results, free of harmful chemicals, eco-friendly, aesthetically appealing, and budget-friendly. We use one of the widely accepted and most trusted waterproofing solutions from Pidilite/Dr.Fixit. The trusted quality of Dr.Fixit is backed by our skilled workmanship for amazing results.

  • The problem areas like pipes and fixtures running through the terrace parapet or walls, rainwater drainage outlets, water tank, split AC units, terrace door frames, and other such fixtures are checked, repaired, and covered before proceeding with the application.

  • After cleaning the surface, lead free, UV resistant, and Eco-friendly coating of Dr.Fixit is applied on the surface. It ensures effective waterproofing that would last for years.

Metro Warranty – All our services are covered with Metro Warranty that offers you free service for 3 years if the problem re-occurs within the warranty period, however the chances are very low that our waterproofing services will fail!

If you have been tired of exploring different waterproofing solutions and recurring leakage problems, then give us a chance to fix it up for you permanently. Give us a call or email today and Metro expert would be happy to assist you with professional waterproofing solutions.