Bathroom waterproofing

Bathroom waterproofing service is amongst the most sought after leakage and seepage solutions due to the kind of damage it causes to other parts of the building. Wet bathrooms with leakage may result into damp walls, leaking ceiling, wall fungus, and peeling paint. Bathroom waterproofing service is the one stop solution to all these problems.

Whether the bathroom has already undergone some conventional waterproofing treatment or is being treated for the first time, advanced waterproofing technology from Metro has solution for all!

What Is Bathroom Waterproofing?

This service is essential for already constructed buildings and even for the building under construction. Our waterproofing expert will help you with tailor made waterproofing solutions that will take care of all your leakage and seepage issues.

We carry out water tightening for the bathrooms that are under construction or already constructed and having leakage. Our waterproofing solutions are supported by the advanced tools and technology that would cater every problem with equal precision.

Why Need Bathroom Waterproofing?

Damp walls, wall fungus, and paint peel are the key indicators that signal the need for WC bathroom waterproofing, however the damage caused by the leakage from bathroom is much more than what is seen externally!

Water usually finds its way through small gaps and cracks. The sand used in construction of the building also tends to absorb water whenever there is a leakage at some point. Due to this, the effect of bathroom leakage are not limited to bathrooms and may extend to flooring, walls, ceiling, fixtures, and fittings. In order to overcome this problem, there is a need for professional bathroom waterproofing that would not just stop further leakage but would also reverse the effect of previous leakage.

Available Solutions For Bathroom Waterproofing

There are many solutions available for WC bathroom waterproofing and all may have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the standard bathroom waterproofing solutions offered in the market are –

  • Grouting – This is the cheapest waterproofing solution that would not even last for months. Grout is the mixture of water, cement, and sand used to fill in the gaps. This is just an external gap filling and may not offer satisfactory results.

  • Injection –In this method, a gel like substance is injected in the bathroom flooring to fill in the gaps permanently and seal the water. However, it doesn’t take into account the cause of leakage and water that has already made its way to other parts of the building.

Bathroom Waterproofing – The Metro Way!

Both of the above methods are conventional waterproofing methods that offer temporary results in low budget. However, we at Metro believe in permanent waterproofing solutions and hence do it with advanced tools and technology, which may take up to 2 days of treatment per bathroom. A brief overview of Metro WC Bathroom Waterproofing Service is given below –

  • Recognize the problem area – Various problems areas like plumbing, flooring, and walls are checked to recognize the problem areas and the route of water seepage.

    Equipment Used –Thermographic Camera, Walabot DIY, Ultrasonic Leak Detector.

  • Rectifying the issue –The problem found during inspection stage is then rectified. Faulty plumbing fixtures and pipes are repaired.

  • Reversing the damage –Once the problem is rectified, we work for reversing the damage. We at Metro have designed an equipment called Impactor specially for reversing the water damage. Impactor is installed in the bathroom for about 12 hours to pull in the water accumulated in the floor. It pulls the water from the entire flooring.

  • Long lasting assurance –Impactor is removed after 12 hours of time and then comes the finishing touch from Metro experts – Water Tightening! With our advanced water tightening technology, we make sure that there is no further water accumulation.

  • Ready for painting and renovation –The home gets ready for painting or renovation after 90 days of drying. However, for those looking out for quick drying solutions, we use a special tool called Hot Air dryer that dries the entire area in few hours and makes it ready for renovation. Although quick drying is possible, we insist on 90 days waiting to eliminate all chances of further leakage.

Metro Warranty – All our services are covered with Metro Warranty that offers you free service for 3 years if the problem re-occurs within the warranty period, however the chances are very low that our waterproofing services will fail!

If you have been tired of exploring different waterproofing solutions and recurring leakage problems, then give us a chance to fix it up for you permanently. Give us a call or email today and Metro expert would be happy to assist you with professional waterproofing solutions.