Building Waterproofing

Building waterproofing Service is applied to the buildings in construction stage and even after their completion, depending on the individual requirement. Usually this process is carried out at the time of construction for better results and easy application, however if appropriate waterproofing methods are not applied at the construction stage then you need the expert intervention for satisfactory results.

Metro waterproofing services are intended to offer water resistant structures with longer life, better strength, and unmatched aesthetic appeal.

What Is Building Waterproofing?

Buildings are made by using different construction materials. These materials together work for the strengthening of the structure. Out of various materials being used, concrete and steel play a major role. While both these materials work together for building strength, their inherent properties make them react differently to the moisture and water. Concrete stands water for longer time without getting affected, but steel on other hand gets corroded when exposed to water.

Concrete is porous in nature and allows the water to penetrate through it easily. This water after being absorbed by concrete would reach the steel beneath and start the corrosion, which would further lead to weakening of structure. Building waterproofing is meant to treat the building material with advanced waterproofing techniques that result into strong weather-resistant structure.

Metro building waterproofing services are tested on the most adverse conditions to offer utmost protection.

Why Need Building Waterproofing?

When water comes in contact with concrete structure, it enters the pores to damage the structure. Even the groundwater enters the structure through capillary effect. Many chemicals and salts of acids, alkalis, sulphates, and chlorides are also carried along with water to the entire structure. This would develop various structural issues like cracks in the internal and external plaster, leakage at separation gap between beam and column, vegetation growth, weakened structure, and poor exterior finish. Building waterproofing takes cater of all of these issues effectively.

Available Solutions For Building Waterproofing

Building waterproofing is carried out in following ways –

  • Adding water reducing agents – Theoretically concrete mix should be prepared with 20% to 25% of water, but almost 40% to 45% water is added to concrete in practical conditions. This excess water would get evaporated and leave voids in the structure. Water reducing agents may reduce the water ratio in concrete.

  • Fine particle material – Structure can be made non-porous by adding fine particle material to cover the pores. However, it has been observed that these fine particles reduce the strength of the structure and also increase the water requirement.

  • Hydrophobic agents – This is the material used to bring down water absorption. The water absorption in dry concrete is considerably reduced on addition of hydrophobic agents to the construction material.

Building Waterproofing – The Metro Way!

All available methods for building waterproofing need to be incorporated at the time of construction and may not help on the finished structure. We at Metro are committed to wholesome solution to the problem and hence our waterproofing services are carried out with advanced tools like thermographic camera, impactor, hot air dryer, snake camera, ultrasonic leak detector and Walabot.

We use Dr.Fixit or Pidilite to seal the structure to make it water repellent. Waterproofing is carried out on finished structure and even on the one in construction with the best quality Pidilite waterproofing solution. The results are satisfactory and up to the mark covered with Metro Warranty.

Metro Warranty – All our services are covered with Metro Warranty that offers you free service for 3 years if the problem re-occurs within the warranty period, however the chances are very low that our waterproofing services will fail!

If you want longer life for your home or building without any recurring leakage problems or frequent maintenance, then allow us to offer you the permanent waterproofing solution. Give us a call or email today and Metro expert would be happy to assist you with professional waterproofing solutions.