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Metro Waterproofing Solution

Metro Waterproofing Solution is one of the most trusted names in waterproofing within India. Our wide arena of waterproofing solutions consists of trusted services for all types of apartments residential. Our wide cliental is a mix of new and repeated customers, who have been enjoying our services since years. Dedication and result oriented services make us so popular with our clients, Waterproofing in mumbai.

We have been serving all Metropolitans within India from more than a couple of years with our innovative and advance waterproofing aesthetics and healthy lives. There are many waterproofing companies in mumbai and hence question will come to one’s mind that what makes us special? Yes we have the solution for your water leakage issues, Waterproofing solution in mumbai.

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  • Metro Waterproofing Solution

    Metro Waterproofing Solution Company was established in the year 1998. Metro Waterproofing Solution Service is an attempt to focus solely on Water Tightening of residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. The services would be carried out by trained professionals using the most advanced tools and techniques in the field of Water Tightening. Metro Waterproofing Solution is waterproofing contractors in Mumbai.

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Metro Waterproofing Solution is one of the most reliable waterproofing company.


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Best Waterproofing contractor in India

Metro Waterproofing Solution is one of the most trusted names in India

Why Waterproofing is Essential?

Waterproofing is not given due importance unless the water starts dripping or oozing from the walls and ceiling. This is because people think that leakage is a common issue. However, if you look at the consequences then probably you may not think the same. Poor waterproofing or no waterproofing may lead to various health problems, damage to the internal and external paint, damage to the furniture and lighting, and sometimes bigger issues when water leakage reaches out to the electrical supply.

Delaying the waterproofing treatment may result into multiple issues that will result into hefty expenses. It is therefore recommended to get the waterproofing done in time to avoid further damage to the property.

Steps To Be Taken If You Find Seepage In Your Home

If you see dampness in wall, bubble in wall paint, fungus, molds, or any such indications in your home, office, or factory, then first thing to do is to contact us!

We will carry out site inspection with the help of our experts and advance waterproofing tools. A detailed report would then be prepared for the problem and suggested solutions to get the approval from the client.

Waterproofing treatment would then carried out on the decided date and time to finish the work well in time as per pre-defined completion date.

Metro Warranty

Moreover, we offer Metro Warranty too!

Metro Warranty – All our services are covered with Metro Warranty that offers you free service for 3 years if the problem re-occurs within the warranty period, however the chances are very low that our waterproofing services will fail!

If you have been tired of exploring different waterproofing solutions and recurring leakage problems, then give us a chance to fix it up for you permanently. Give us a call or email today and Leak Foe expert would be happy to assist you with professional waterproofing solutions.

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Metro Waterproofing Solution is one of the most trusted names in the world of waterproofing in India

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