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A water tank can be waterproofed in two ways, the typical method is to apply cement slurry, which will temporarily stop the flow. It is merely a temporary option for waterproofing the tank in more troublesome locations, which is done to prevent leakage from cracks and joints. The more efficient and successful method requires significantly more work and commitment, but it is a long-term answer. This procedure is a two-step solution that is achieved by saturating the facet to be treated with a high-performance Polymer modified cement-based coating. The second step is to complete waterproof grouting of the construction joints using a polymer modified mortar over the treated surface. It takes a whole lot of time for you to fix an existing water tank. Also, it's extremely tricky to spot the specific location of their leakage. Water travels through the tiniest openings and will be visible or drip through the tiniest aspect of their arrangement when the point of leakage is somewhere else and unknown. Water tanks in massive places and even in ordinary homes usually are placed underground or overhead. As a result, water can always infiltrate through the common seams between the house and the water tank, especially if the tank isn't correctly installed or waterproofed. There is a huge hazard involved because congestion and seepage can harm your inner walls and lead to health complications for the people.

Why should you use polymer-modified mortar?

The approach involves a rigorous repair of all cracks, leaks, and other joints vulnerable to leakage. Before the mend, the water tank is adequately cleaned of dirt, dust, oil, and other loose stuff. This makes sure that this is not an easy repair treatment, but the entire surface is treated and waterproofed correctly. The polymer-modified mortar solution falls hands down over the conventional method as it is far more reliable. Water tank leaks and fractures, for example, should not be overlooked. Waterproofing provides homeowners with long-term peace of mind while also protecting their houses from any damage. Why elect your polymer-modified mortar option? The material utilized contains asphalt and latex or asphalt and concrete ratio, which will be far more durable than traditional cement, slurry. A straightforward concrete solution is less flexible and starts cracking over time. The total surface is treated in the place of just the troublesome areas where repair is required. This guarantees it is a much longer-lasting solution.


A necessary premise for effective waterproofing is that the reservoir's walls and bottom are adequately built to be statically efficient enough to sustain the hydrostatic water pressure created.

Tank Waterproofing Advantages:

1. Were you aware that seepage reimbursement accounts for 25 percent of most homeowners' insurance claims?

2. Waterproofing helps create a healthier and more fresh home environment for your family since mold may form on a damp surface in as little as 24-48 hours. Long-term mold exposure can result in asthma, hay fever, and other medical issues.

3. Waterproofing your water tanks will keep them safe. There is usually a 2-4-inch concrete floor under your tank. Because the concrete is so thin, pressure from the groundwater under it can produce cracks and leaks.

4. Over 60% of basements in the United States have a moisture problem in their tanks. Waterproofing your home will improve its safety and well-being by reducing leakage issues.

5. Assist in the repair of structural damage to your home. When water seeps past the water tanks and into your home's foundation, it can create severe foundation fractures and even wall collapse.

6. Reduce your stress while increasing your happiness. When you waterproof you, you can be assured that your house, belongings, and family will be secure from the terrible repercussions that water damage and leaks may cause.

7. When tanks are adequately waterproofed, the strain of water storage is minimized, and you may be stress-free even if there is a limited supply of water.

Some Waterproofing Solution Product We Recommend


Nanosil is a silicon-based water repellent and waterproofing solution. It is influenced by nature. Any building that has been coated with Nanosil acts like a lotus leaf, repelling water from the coated surface. The cement framework can absorb up to 11 liters of water per square meter. During 32km/hr wind-driven rain, tank walls may absorb up to 22 liters in 6 hours. This absorbed water has structural consequences. Nanosil is ready-to-use waterproofing nanotechnology. It is easily applied with a brush or sprayed on. Because it is nano-sized, it can hold up to 2mm on the applied surface as well as into tiny fissures that are imperceptible to the naked eye. The water pressure in the Rilem Test is the same as the pressure produced by 140 km/h wind-driven rain.

Dr. Fixit

Damp Guard is well-known for its wide system solutions for waterproofing a new house, restoring an old one, and managing water tanks. The product line is extensive, with a wide range of new construction and maintenance waterproofing solutions for all sensitive surface areas such as water tanks, external walls, structure, foundation, internal walls, and bathrooms. Dr. Fixit Damp Guard is well-known for its comprehensive system solutions for waterproofing new homes, renovating old ones, and regulating water tanks. The product portfolio is vast, with new construction and maintenance waterproofing solutions for all vulnerable surface areas such as water tanks, exterior walls, structure, foundation, interior walls, and bathrooms.

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