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About Us

Our professional waterproofing team provides all waterproofing services including:

Wall Dampness

Terace Waterproofing

Home Inspection

Paint Peal Off

Celling Leakage

Tank Waterproofing

In Addition to our commitmen towards excellence our advantages are :

Quality Waterproofing Services

Free Councultancy

Guranteed Work

Professional Waterproofing in Coimbatore

Professional Thermography Report

Anual Thermography Suuvey After Work Done

Metro Waterproofing solution Provides 3 Years Plus Waranty For The Professional Waterproofing Work Done In Coimbatore

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Welcome To Metrowaterproofing Solution

Waterproofing In Coimbatore

Metro Waterproofing Solution launches the best and reliable home inspection, leakage, seepage, and wall dampness solution to all the customers in Coimbatore who faces waterproofing issues in their house. Metro Waterproofing Solution is one of the leading waterproofing contractors in Coimbatore. We are happy to solve our customer's waterproofing issues whether it be wall dampness, ceiling leakage, Terrace leakage seepage during the rainy season, tank leakage, internal seepage leakage, etc with a professional approach by conducting a professional thermography survey and giving our customers a professional home inspection report. In Metro Waterproofing Solution we not only provide a professional report but work on its root cause to solve our customer's waterproofing issues.

The motive behind launching our service in Coimbatore is to solve the waterproofing problems faced by most of the flat owners in Coimbatore and protect their home from various health problems due to seepage – which is seen in most of the societies and various interlinked flats in Coimbatore. Our approach is to conduct a professional home inspection first which includes a thermography survey and a professional report. Coimbatore is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. With the rate of growth, increases the rate of homebuyers in India. But sadly the home buyers in Coimbatore face leakage issues within the next 3 months of possession. This happens because of poor workmanship in Coimbatore and not conducting a home inspection before buying a new home in Coimbatore. Waterproofing in Coimbatore is rapidly growing because of the high demand in Coimbatore. We have the ultimate solution to all these issues, as we have an upgraded and professional team that can serve you better and put an end to your water leakage problems. The work that we would undertake would be covered under a 3-year warranty once the respective builder hands over the possession to the flat owner.

The offer launched would be beneficial for a longer period as long as the flat owner does not renovate his or her washrooms. The reason that we are different from other waterproofing contractors in Coimbatore is that we provide a professional home inspection and a professional report before doing any kind of waterproofing work. The report can be further used for any kind of waterproofing rectification. If we provide the waterproofing solution to our customers with a proper home inspection report we provide our customers with a 3-year warranty which can be further extended. Kindly note: - We do not include external rainwater issues and would not be covered under our 3-year warranty.

Metrowaterproofing Solution Technologies

Professional Waterproofing company in Coimbatore

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Thermal Camera

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Thermal Gun

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Ultrasonic Water Leak Detector

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Why Choose Us?

Best Waterproofing Company in Coimbatore

Best Waterproofing Quality.

MetroWaterproofing Solution is one of the best waterproofing contractors in Coimbatore that goes traditional wall waterproofing to give our customers protection from water leakage and wall seepage through a professional home inspection and water tightening process. The company has an experience of over 25 years in providing waterproofing services. We also bring you unique technological solutions to cater to your house protection needs like Thermal Imaging Camera, Temperature Sensor, Walabot (Look Inside Your Walls), Impactor (Remove accumulate water from the floor), and Quick Wall Dryer.

Waterproofing With Home Inspection.

Metrowaterproofing Solution has a unique waterproofing method called the water tightening process. Where we first conduct a home inspection and then prepare a professional survey report. The the professional report helps us work on the root cause that causes wall dampness, calling leakage, seepage, etc. This is a different approach in the waterproofing sector this helps us to avoid blind assumption and work on the root cause that is causing wall dampness, calling leakage, seepage, etc.

Waterproofing With +3 Year Warranty.

With over 25 years of experience, we have solved all sort of seepage and wall dampness that is causing waterproofing issue. We are the trusted choice for all of our customers' when coming to waterproofing needs and home inspection. The main aim when comes to treating wall dampness, ceiling leakage, seepage, etc is to find the cause not to block it blindly which destroys the structure of the building completely from inside. There we conduct a professional home inspection in Coimbatore which gives full proof of why wall dampness, ceiling leakage, seepage, etc takes place. So when we give our customer warranty we give it with full confidence.

Trained Waterproofing Team

When it comes to Metrowaterproofing Solution's team we boast about our well-trained team and their experience in waterproofing and home inspection. We have talented people working with us who help us to deliver quality waterproofing and home inspection services to our customers. We train our team members for two months before sending them to sites. We teach them the basics of how to behave with their customers in sites to how to perform a complicated work scenario in waterproofing.

Our Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing Contractors In Coimbatore

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Waterproofing Solutions

Metrowaterproofing solutions is a leading waterproofing company serving Coimbatore. We waterproof and water tighten concrete walls, floors, and decks. We provide all necessary waterproofing services in Coimbatore at the start of walls and roofs to avoid the unnecessary remedial repair in the future with a proper home inspection report.

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Seepage Solutions

The first step in foundation sanitary engineering is to identify the source of the leak by conducting a smart professional home inspection in your wet basement. This can usually be accomplished by consulting with the homeowner to determine how, when, and where the problem occurs.

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Leakage Solutions

Metrowaterproofing solution is one of the leading and most promising waterproofing service providers in Coimbatore. Our organization has developed a strong business rapport with various tank and wall mesh vendors in the industry. Working together to provide professional home inspection and waterproofing services in Coimbatore.

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Home Inspection

A home inspection is a must for diagnosing the condition of a building. It is important for our further process. We won't undertake any sort of waterproofing work before conducting a home inspection. Our home inspection report (thermographic surveys) can provide extremely useful information that can be used for the waterproofing process.

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Bathroom Sanitation

Metrowaterproofing Solution is specialized in Complete Bathroom waterproofing, bathroom backflow water testing, and removing technology. We offer a complete bathroom sanitation service as a part of the overall we are promising you the fully waterproofed and water tightened living space. Again Home inspection plays an avital role in diagnosing sanitary seepage.

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Annual Home Inspection

Anual home inspection is one of the well-appreciated services provided by Metrowaterproofing solution by its customers. We won't leave our customers once the waterproofing or water tightening work is done. We prepare a high-quality report once the annual home inspection is done after 90 days of the process to maintain and keep track of the quality ....

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Terrace Waterproofing Explained

Terrace Waterproofing In Coimbatore

The terrace is an extra open space that refreshes you with fresh air and can be utilized for many purposes. It can be converted into a garden area, patio setup, fireplace, parties, play area for kids, gym, shuttle court, small business setup, office use, etc., Waterproofing the open terrace or the flat roof of the building, is to cover it with the protective membrane that is resistant to water and heat damages. These damages occur due to harsh weather conditions, changing climate, and rain. waterproofing can be done using the waterproofing chemicals either at the time of construction, renovation, or during the repair and maintenance

Why you need Terrace Waterproofing?

The terrace's surface is the critical area because during summer, as it is exposed to extreme heat and UV rays, the concrete surface expands and forms cracks. During winter, the rainwater gets accumulated often and slowly starts to seep into the interior roof through these cracks, holes, gaps, etc. The leakage through the terrace causes dampness, stains, and mold spots in the ceilings, thus spoiling the interior look of the home. Over time, the degradation of the surface of the terrace causes more health and property damage. To save time and maintenance costs in the future, it is also necessary to waterproof it at construction time.

Surface Preparation

To waterproof the terrace, you need to clean the RCC substrate free from oil, grease, and other debris. You have to rake the construction joints to remove the loose concrete and patch the joints with cement and sand mortar. If there are any cracks, pinholes, etc., repair it with a rich cement and sand mortar. Next, is to seal the horizontal and vertical edges, projections, etc., using the mortar goal.

Surface Coating

To start the waterproof coating, first wet the substrate by sprinkling water. Then, apply two coats of cement-based polymer or acrylic modified highly flexible waterproof coating. Care should be taken such that, the first coat should be dry to have the second coat, and each coating must be applied at right angles to each other. The glass fiber mesh can be placed in between the two layers to have extra tensile strength. The third coating follows the second coating once it is dry.

Protective layer

The protective layer is necessary in the place of slopes for draining off water. So, the cement sand mortar in the ratio of 1:4 is mixed with the integral waterproofing compound and applied to the surface as a protective layer with 20 mm thickness. The tiles can also be laid as a protective layer.

Brickbat Coba treatment

First lay the broken bricks of minimum 40 mm thickness to a specified slope and then spread the cement sand mortar to fill the brickbats' void. Now apply 20 mm thick waterproofing plaster and finally finish off with neat cement slurry with the integral waterproofing compound. Let the entire surface cure for 14 days and ready to use.

Terrace waterproofing also follows different systems that have their benefits based on the cost. System 1 cost is approximately Rs. 35 / S.ft which excludes the protective screen whereas System 2 will be around Rs. 45 / S. ft that has better elongation and crack bridging properties. We provide 5 years of warranty on terrace waterproofing.

Bathroom Waterproofing And Shower Waterproofing

This place is more frequently affected by water seepage and mold growth. Whether concrete, tiles, ceramic, or wood, almost any surface can be sealed thoroughly to become water-resistant. First, to use self - adhesive, check the body for adhesion using the test strips on the wall. If it sticks, no issues, but if it shifts position, you need to pre-treat the surface with a primer. Then it would help if you had the clean the bathroom walls and floors free from dust, acid, and grease. This ensures the active bonding of adhesive with the surface. Apply the foil to the corners, edges, and plumbing fittings. Now apply the waterproofing membrane to the walls using a smoothing tool to remove the air pockets. Finally, cover the floor and shower using the bathroom sealing membrane for water tightness.

Kitchen Waterproofing

Water Leakage is the primary concern in the kitchen area, and that has to be waterproofed as quickly as possible. First, you need to fix all the plumbing issues like leakage or crack in pipes. Then waterproof under the kitchen sink with vinyl tiles and weather tech products, customized floor mats to remove moisture. Waterproofing the countertops and wooden cabinets with polyurethane material is essential. Replace the damaged or old faucets and pipes, especially the sink pipes, which often leaks—waterproofing the old kitchen floors by either replacing them or refinishing them with vinyl products that prevent water damage. Don't forget to caulk behind the faucets to avoid cracks in the backsplash area. And above all, keep your kitchen dry by taking care of small leaks and wet spots.

Interior Walls And Ceilings

If you notice any dampness/spots/bulging of painted walls, it is crucial to do the wall's waterproofing barrier. First, we need to use an excellent undercoating of waterproof putty. Then a layer of waterproof damp-shield is done. Due to the waterlogging on the roof during the rainy season, the wetness becomes visible inside the house. This can be treated with advanced latex. First, clean the roof thoroughly and fill the cracks with a crack fill paste. Now apply the polymer-modified motor with cement to withstand the external elements, followed by two latex shield and weather coat seal coats to ensure durability.

Garage And Basement Leakage

The garage and basement walls are waterproofed using a tanking slurry, a cost-effective method to prevent damp walls—first, empty and clean the entire garage and basement area. Then, Inspect the garage walls for any cracks or holes. If it is found, make sure to fix it before waterproof waterproofing two coats of waterproofWaterproofingthe walls and ceilings. Once the walls are dried, clean the floors free of oil, dirt, or grease. Now, apply the epoxy waterproof paint on the floor and let it dry. You can adopt a Box type waterproofing method or Drainage waterproofing for the best results for a waterproofing basement.

Laundry Area And Balcony

The utility area/laundry room waterproofing is essential as a minor hose leak leads to significant repair work. An under-the-waterproof membrane flooring is designed that seals the corners and edges, making it watertight. If you plan on laying a new floor, then vinyl sheets with multiple colors and patterns complement the home decor with more water protection. Ceramic flooring can also be used, which is more durable and non-porous. A silicon caulk helps to seal any leaks around the edges of floor drains or holes to keep the floor waterproof for a cost-effective method. Balconies need proper drainage and correct isolation using a waterproofing membrane.

Results For Professional Waterroofing Work Done

Bathroom Leakage Solutions

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